Frequently Asked Questions

They’re labels signifying the tone of the novel, as they do in music.

Humoresque means it’s a lighthearted story with good-natured humor, lovely characters, and happy endings.

Nocturne means it’s a dark tale with sardonic humor, featuring horrible bastards, and there are no happy endings.

My novels come in CBR format, which is just a renamed RAR archive.

So it can be extracted using WinRar


Viewed using most normal image viewers or comic book readers.

We suggest Honeyview.

I don’t know.

I’d like to make side stories for the novels but taking the characters out of those worlds to make no context images just doesn’t appeal to me. So I don’t know.

Making a visual novel would be easier than making a graphic novel but, at the moment, there are no plans for such things. Not until Nature of Nurture and No Justice is Wicked are finished.

No. I’ve no interest in animations. If time only moved when a hand turned a page, life would be better.